Monday, July 19, 2010

The Attraction Of Marionette Museum In Palermo

Palermo city is a huge city and capital of Italian island of Sicily. Palermo city is located in the north coast of the island. This city is popular among the visitors for its beautiful and adventure activities with funny moment. Every year many tourists visit this city due to its attraction and entertainment. Marionette museum is one of the main famous attractions. Museo Internazionale delle Marionette, a museum dedicated to the art of puppetry, which is an age-old traditional Sicilian entertainment. In the summer season a free of coast show, organize but the collection of museum itself. There are a lot of entertainment then the any place in the world. Mostly the antique puppets exhibit evokes Norman Sicily, which is representing chivalrous heroes and Saracen pirates, knights, women and troubadours. For stay in the city some good Palermo Italy hotels available for every visitor at very low rates. You will find luxury amenities in these hotels, which are, feel you like a home.

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