Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Views of Brooklyn

Brooklyn is wonderful place for the persons who like bridges historical places and museums. There are plenty of attractive and beautiful places to visit like Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Army Plaza, and Park Slop. Grand Army Plaza is very attractive and wonderful place. It attracts the visitor mostly. A huge gateway of Prospect Park and the soldiers and sailors Arch are also added to this huge and big gate way. It is made as a memory of the victorious Union Army. Grand Army Plaza is surrounded with the trees and apartment buildings. The main branch of Brooklyn Public library is also inside this beautiful plaza. Lots of cheap hotels are available in Brooklyn to stay safely.

In Brooklyn lots of gardens parks and beautiful museums were available to see. There attractions focus the people towards them. Famous Brooklyn museum which is inside the Prospect Park looks tremendous. It is really beautiful, larger and wonderful art museums of New York. New York Transit Museum has wonderful collections of arts and projects. It is in downtown. There is another beautiful museum which is specially made for children named as Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Jewish Children’s Museum. My friend Lucy looked very happy at Brooklyn Children’s Museum. It was only Jewish themed museum in Brooklyn. Tremendous and wonderful projects were placed there to see. New York Aquarium and Coney Island were also very beautiful places
Prospect Park in Brooklyn
Brooklyn has plenty of cheap hotels to stay safely. Among the cheap hotels Days Inn Brooklyn is a very popular and affordable hotel. Their room charges are not so high and services are also good. They offered great discounts to their customers.

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