Friday, April 2, 2010

Holiday Trip

The city of Ashland Oregon is a southern Oregon city found close to the California border. Among its many attractions, the Ashland Shakespeare Festival is by far the most well known and continually draws the largest crowds year after year. Visitors always want to stay in cheap hotel rooms. In addition to the Shakespeare Festival Ashland Oregon hosts, the city is also known as home to Southern Oregon University and has gained national attention as one of the most liberal cities on the west coast, according to exit poles from the most recent presidential election. Visitors always keen to search cheap hotels in ashland.
The history of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival stretches back almost as far as the inception of the town of Ashland Oregon. Unlike some Shakespeare Festivals, which last for a few weeks or a month during the summer, the Shakespeare Festival Ashland Oregon hosts each year actually begins in the month of February and lasts until the month of November. Though the exact start and end dates are adjusted from year to year, ten months is the typical duration for the celebration. Almost every play a visitor can think of, from King Lear to Romeo and Juliet, is performed in Ashland at some point during the Shakespeare Festival. Tickets to the festival can be purchased for an individual show, or they can be purchased to attend multiple shows. There are three Elizabethan-style theaters in Ashland Oregon for the festival's use, one of which is outdoors. The theaters are, in Elizabethan tradition, in the round, and offer a great way to see a play.
Lithia Park, the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory (a crime lab dedicated to wildlife) and the Bathroom Readers' Institute are all also found in Ashland. The oldest continuous city band in the United States, the Ashland City Band, is still alive and well and giving performances in Ashland

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